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Environmental Dialogues, Revised Revised
Listening event

Norman Long, Sara Zalek, and I led people through listening experiences, informed by Pauline Oliveros's "Environmental Dialogue, Revised" sonic meditation. I painted wooden signs with text generated by the three of us, prompting people to listen through different materials and intentions. Sara and Norman led the audience in sound exploration, including amplifying fishing wire stretched on rakes and jars. It was presented next to Lake Michigan at Lane Beach, as part of Water Music with 6018 North & Roman Susan in Chicago.

Text on signs:

Observe your breathing.
Gradually begin to focus on the sound and rhythm of an element in the soundscape.
Support the sound vocally, mentally, or with an object.
If you lose touch with the source, wait for another.

With each breath, receive sound and send sound.
Can you listen beyond yourself?
Can you listen for each other?
Can you listen to your ancestors?
Support the sounds that need to be listened to.

(Installed next to cups attached to a jar via fishing wire, at the edge of the shore)
Pick up a cup.
Place it next to your ear.
Pull the string taut.
Touch and pluck the string.
Listen to the space between you and the water.

(Installed next to a group of empty jars)
Fill a jar with anything found on the beach.
Listen as you shake, roll, scrape, and empty the jar.
Set it down and walk away.
What sounds become evident once the jar is silent?
Support the sounds and silences.

(Installed next to cups attached to jars via fishing wire, next to area filled with amplified instruments, tubes, and rakes)
Pick up a cup.
Place it next to your ear.
Pull the string taut.
Touch and pluck the string.
Observe when a sound is "good" or "bad".
Can you imagine dropping either notion?
Support your and others' sounds.