• (Photo by Meredith Zielke)

    Artist Statement:

    I exist in two fairly consistent states: self-loathing, and awe for the world’s patterns and phenomena - which includes the human condition. These feelings form a loop, and it moves, thanks to the simultaneous repulsion and attraction to itself.

    My practice is rooted in the ubiquity of sensation, and shaped by the handmade animation process. Not every project is an animation per se, but all involve morphing and incremental transformation, often exposing individual parts of a whole. I consider animation an embodiment of the paradox of things at any scale: what is understood to be individual is a plurality of connections.

    I’m usually drawn to exploring systems and sensations rendered invisible due to their immateriality, proximity, distance, or assumed normalcy. These projects prompt the audience to reflect on their own tools and habits of perception, and experience themselves as a phenomenon.


    Gwyneth is a depressed animist, descended from European invaders and immigrants, based in Chicago and Baltimore. She makes time for the animation, absurdity, patterns, and paradox of humans and not-humans, often focusing on sensations and systems that are invisible to us due to their immateriality or assumed normalcy. She's presented work in galleries, festivals, forests, and empty lots throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including with Roots & Culture, Roman Susan, Woman Made Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, and 6018 NORTH in Chicago; the Freies Museum in Berlin; and @ptt in Geneva. As an artist in residence, she's gestated at the Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago), FRISE (Germany), Harold Arts (Ohio), Arteles Creative Center (Finland), and Utopiana (Switzerland). She teaches teenagers at the Lutz Center for After School Matters, and has taught in many other institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Ox-Bow School of Art and Artist Residency, and Johns Hopkins University's Baltimore Youth Film Arts. She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and received her certificate from the Center for Deep Listening in 2018. She thinks all artist bios and CVs are deceptive.

    Various kinds of press and online presence:

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