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Um Radio
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Excerpts. Quoted text is from WBEZ's archives:

0:00-0:40 : Studio A, 1987. "Ken Davis apologizes for playing inappropriate Joe Frank tapes during his vacation and discusses WBEZ's plan to broadcast the Iran-Contra hearings. Ken Davis interviews Kim from his bicycle shop about a bicycle repair clinic she is giving."

0:41-1:11 : Morning Shift, 2019. "It’s rainy and cloudy outside today, and the weather will be a mixed bag for the rest of the week. But don’t let the weather dampen your spirits or your plans. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy your weekend despite the weather forecast, we’ve got you covered."

1:12-end : Metropolis, 1996. "Bill Clinton compared first lady Hillary Clinton to the Eleanor Roosevelt, saying she is the most controversial first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt. Aaron Freeman asks callers who remember Eleanor Roosevelt to call in and discuss controversies surrounding first ladies."