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During the opening and throughout the run of Detent & Stow, I created drawn animations that charted my emotional and physical feelings at Adult Contemporary in Chicago, IL. Every step of the animating process took place in the gallery, using desks, chairs, and various objects created by sculptor Brian Rush to promote and challenge my practice.

There are three components to this project: performative animating, performative screening, and animation installation.

0:00-0:44: Documentation of performative animating for the first two segments of the animation. As I drew, there was a small display saying what I was feeling - the first you see: “Thinking about who might be behind me”. From 0:00-0:16, I am drawing on top one of Rush’s objects: a wood and plexiglass piece that acts as an electricity-free lightbox. I positioned it so that natural light came through. (Documentation: Meredith Zielke)

0:44-3:58: Excerpts from the performative screening and final animation (full length of performance: 11:30 min). The animation was screened, accompanied by my live narration, at a closing performance event. My notes were underlit by the lightbox I used to animate most of the piece. I wanted to present the animated sensations as an extension of my body, and to aid that the audio during the performance is composed only of sounds from my mouth. (Documentation: Yoni Goldstein)

3:59-4:59: Documentation of installed animations. Finally, all the frames from each segment of the animation were presented on displays, alongside Rush’s objects for the closing event. They were presented with the last frame on top and first frame in the back, so that the viewer could flip through the pages and experience each animation segment in motion, solitarily. The stands that the animations were placed on were designed by Troy Briggs and myself and produced by Rush. The clay piece next to the animation for “Holding an object that looks and feels like wood but is actually clay” (minutes 3:59-4:20) was created by Rush, as well as the chip-like branch-slices during minutes 4:21-4:36.

Detent & Stow
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