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Cel animation

Cellule was prompted by the homophone of “cell” and “cel” – short for “celluloid”, the clear plastic sheet used in production of traditional cartoons.

Thale Cress is a tiny mustard green. Its seeds are smaller than a millimeter wide, but each seed is made of approximately 5,500 cells. So, I created an animation with 5,500 cels. At 24 cells per second, a Thale Cress seed is 3 minutes and 53 seconds long.

Cellule was made possible by a grant and residency from Utopiana, Geneva, Switzerland. Special thanks to Sylvan Loubéry & Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont at the Department of Botany and Plant Biology, Univeristy of Geneva, for counting the number of cells in a Thale Cress seed and being kind, enthusiastic supporters.