Dan Manion of Sadsack Press interviewed me for Inside the Edition, the Chicago Printmakers Guild podcast, in April 2022. You can listen here!

In December 2021 I led Cold Hard Thing, a communal animation experiment at the Chicago Cultural Center that was part of the Reading Experiment in Progress presented by Red Rover, which was part of the Lumpen exhibit Successful Failures.

Nance Klehm of Spontaneous Vegetation interviewed me on Lumpen Radio in October 2021, you can listen here!

I participated in The Great Pause, a one day exhibit in September 2021 at the Hairpin Arts Center. I showed a looped stop motion animation of domestic scenes hidden from Zoom calls.

July 2021, I led In-betweening, an animated listening tour about the tenderness of insecurity. We walked silently around Edgewater, including through a Whole Foods, and ended at the lake. It was part of Movement Studies, a programming series at Roman Susan that investigates social and environmental transitions.

As part of Roman Susan's Community-Hosted Art Collections, I've made a performative sculpture titled "Dishrag Mnemonic" which anyone in Chicago can sign up to host for 6 months.