Nance Klehm of Spontaneous Vegetation interviewed me on Lumpen Radio, you can listen here! (trigger warning: there's acknowledgement of suicidal ideation)

I participated in The Great Pause, a one day exhibit in September at the Hairpin Arts Center. I showed a looped stop motion animation of domestic scenes hidden from Zoom calls.

In collaboration with Roman Susan I led In-betweening, an animated listening tour about the tenderness of insecurity. Written text and imagery were the flawed, wiggly guide for sensing how everything is in a constant state of change. We walked silently around Edgewater, including through a Whole Foods, and ended at the lake.

Presented damp, floppy animations that were oozed into peoples' hands at Virtual Movie Night... But with a Twist! on Friday, January 29th, at 7pm. Timothy Rey, Qais Yahia Assali, Amanda Assaley, and Ronen Goldstein also presented.

In collaboration with Ruby T, Chicago Community Bond Fund, The Confined Arts, Definition Theatre, Make Yourself Useful, and Zealous: I animated 132 Calls, a series of 3 videos that tell the story of Cassandra Greer-Lee. She called 132 times to get her husband, Nick Lee, moved off a COVID-infected tier in Chicago's Cook County jail. They ignored her, and he died. Visit 132calls.com to learn more and take action.

The Tenuity of Truth: Weinberg/Newton Exhibition Situates Art in Our Post-Factual Era, Newcity Chicago. By Kerry Cardoza, March 10, 2020

Return to the Everywhere booklet, Weinberg/Newton Gallery. Edited by Kasia Houlihan, April 2020

Survey for White Artists, Monday Journal Volume 4, guest editor Danny Giles. By Ruby T and Latham Zearfoss, April 2020

Return to the Everywhere at Weinberg/Newton Gallery, Chicago Artist Writers. By Ciera Mckissick, March 29, 2020

As part of Roman Susan's Community-Hosted Art Collections, I've made a performative sculpture titled "Dishrag Mnemonic" which anyone in Chicago can sign up to host for 6 months.