Crust Theory at St. Charles Projects (2701 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD) with Alicia Puglionesi and Toby Altman. Poetry and animation on Tuesday, May 23, 6-9pm; show up for undetermined time.

Rhythmic at All Things Projects (269 Bleecker St, New York, NY) with Joshua Cave, Inka Juslin, Nozomi Kato, Koji Kanao, DS LEE, Alex M. Lee, Lotus Lien, Ned Shalanski, curated by Nozomi Kato and Adam Tyson. Opening Thursday, May 25, 7-9pm; closing and panel discussion June 24, 8pm.

Thaumatropes at Roman Susan (1224 W. Loyola Ave, Chicago, IL) Nighttime projections, summer 2017.